Public Security
The public security industry concerns everyone's safety life. FAMETAL understs that a small improvement in cable management, operator efficiency Ergonomics may save lives bring harmony to our society. FAMETAL consoles can perform superb job in every field that public security needs. Our consoles solutions can deal with emergencies in time make our society more safe for everyone.
Military is special very important. It has put forward strict dems on the control center. The information armies always choose FAMETAL consoles because FAMETAL is the best one bringing the best control center solutions. We can make unified comm to different armies, multi echelon different areas. The consoles can cooperate them responding to emergencies quickly. Our consoles are professional can improve the capability of actual combat.
Traffic port is the place where people flow, task flow information flow converge. FAMETAL consoles serve excellently in control center of control tower, approach, airport company, railway station, subway harbour. FAMETAL has unique experiences in establishing three dimensional traffic comm monitoring center.
Electric Power
The development of informatization, automation interactivity in electric power industry brings significant needs for smart grid. Ours consoles can do a perfect job in data architecture, visualization, flexible configuration information communication security. FAMETAL console solutions can accurately grasp the development direction of the new generation smart grid dispatching center in the future. The customer of FAMETAL in electric power are all over the world.
Through centralized monitoring management of computer system, we use advanced technology to integrate system resources, application, business management. With the rapid development of information technology, the telecom industry plays a decisive role in improving the life of the people the whole society. FAMETAL consoles can optimize the telecom system.
The vigorous development of energy industry is changing with each passing day. From excavation to transmission, energy industry is the engine promoter of the whole social progress. Data acquisition monitoring system has been widely applied to the energy industry continuously promoted by information technology. FAMETAL’s outsting control center design can ensure the improvement of production efficiency sustainable development of the whole enterprise.
Government departments provide the important services for the public has major responsibilities for the whole society. In order to supervise major events, the development of the government control centers became more more perfect. The professional console become the necessary tools for the central operator who carry out key tasks, The professional console center can improve the management level of government departments. FAMETAL can improve the authority effectiveness for government management service by quick respons.
The control center is an advanced management scheme, which takes control management as the means to control optimize it as the goal, has a comprehensive accurate reflection on the health of the information system. FAMETAL has designed a solution especially for finance industry that was praised by many customers. Because FAMETAL can solve the industry’s pain point of deming the fastest speed being extremely sensitive to data.